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February 4, 2021

Coconuts Jakarta - February 4, 2021

Jakarta's traffic cameras will undergo a technological upgrade, police say, so that they will have the ability to catch a larger array of traffic violations in the capital.

The Jakarta Metro Police's Traffic Directorate said the traffic cameras, which are part of the Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) system, will get the technological boost this year.

Tabloid JUBI - February 4, 2021

Victor Mambor, Jayapura – Papuan Humanity Team on Case of Violence against Religious Figures in Intan Jaya regency, or Humanity Team, has completed the documentation of alleged extrajudicial killings against Protestant pastor Yeremia Zanambani on Sept. 19, 2020. This report documents facts surrounding the killing of Pastor Yeremia.

Tempo - February 4, 2021

Friski Riana, Jakarta – The Agrarian Reform Consortium (KPA) Secretary-General Dewi Karika argued that the validation process of electronic land certificates has the potential to worsen agrarian conflicts.

Coconuts Jakarta - February 4, 2021

Those at the very front of Indonesia's fight against COVID-19 may see a reduction in their incentives, as the Finance Ministry seeks to make cuts to financial stimulus for health workers.

February 3, 2021

Tempo - February 3, 2021

Jakarta – The government's decision to go ahead with the appointment of a problematic university rector sends the wrong message to the public. The quality of research is at stake.

Jakarta Globe - February 3, 2021

Dion Bisara, Yustinus Paat, Jakarta – A United States citizen has run for a district head election in Sabu Raijua, a region in one of Indonesia's poorest provinces East Nusa Tenggara, and managed to win the election with a wide margin in the strangest election mishap the country might ever see.

Radio New Zealand - February 3, 2021

The head of the Papuan People's Assembly says it has rejected Indonesia's plans on special autonomy for his region.

Indonesia's government is seeking to extend the Papuan provinces' Special Autonomy Law which expires this year after two decades.

Malay Mail - February 3, 2021

Melanie Chalil, Kuala Lumpur – Indonesian actress Nikita Mirzani has plans to give out free condoms to communities across her country to prevent unwanted pregnancies during Covid-19.

Detik.com reported that the 34-year-old celebrity was concerned about early prevention as Indonesia recently entered the Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) phase.

Coconuts Jakarta - February 3, 2021

It was only a matter of time before somebody sniffed an opportunity to make a quick buck out of Indonesia's latest COVID-19 screening tech.

Tempo - February 3, 2021

Francisca Christy Rosana, Jakarta – The Minister of Research and Technology Bambang Brodjonegoro on Wednesday claims that the Covid-19 screening device dubbed the GeNose C19 – which was developed by Gadjah Mada University – has underwent stringent testing on 2,000 samples assisted by artificial intelligence (AI) technology with flying colors.

Counter Punch - February 3, 2021

Jeff Armstrong – The Indonesian-occupied nation of West Papua has called for urgent international intervention against Indonesia's intensification of what a 2016 report called "slow motion genocide."

Tabloid JUBI - February 3, 2021

Benny Mawel, Jayapura – Human rights activist Ambrosius Mulait plans to report five powerful politicians to the police for alleged racism in their statements.

February 2, 2021

Jakarta Globe - February 2, 2021

Lenny Tristia Tambun, Carlos K.Y. Paath, Jakarta – A close aide of President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo delivered a strong rebuke to Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono on Monday after the latter claimed that government officials had meddled in his party's internal affairs aiming to topple him from chairmanship.

Mongabay - February 2, 2021

Hans Nicholas Jong, Jakarta – Illegal loggers in Indonesia's remote Papua region have largely evaded any meaningful kind of punishment and continue to operate unimpeded, in what a new report calls a failure by the country's legal system to crack down on the problem.

Forests News - February 2, 2021

Nabiha Shahab – Indonesia's easternmost region of Papua arguably has the richest biodiversity in the country, offering potential for sustainable eco-tourism, eco-education and conservation opportunities.

UCA News - February 2, 2021

Konradus Epa, Jakarta – The Indonesian government says it aims to purge the country's civil service of people who support or have links to Islamic hardline groups after revealing that hundreds of thousands of government employees have been influenced by radical ideology.

Coconuts Jakarta - February 2, 2021

An elderly woman in West Jakarta was caught on video admitting her intention to cook several cats for asthma medication, believing that consuming felines is a potent cure for the respiratory disease.

CNN Indonesia - February 2, 2021

Medan – Scores of students from the Papuan Student Association (IMP) in Medan, North Sumatra, held a protest action in front of the North Sumatra University (USU) Rectorate Bureau Building on Tuesday February 2 protesting racism allegedly committed by USU Professor Yusuf Leonard Henuk.

Jakarta Globe - February 2, 2021

Jayanty Nada Shofa, Jakarta – The fourth batch of Covid-19 vaccine from Chinese biopharmaceutical firm Sinovac Biotech arrived in Indonesia on Tuesday.

Agence France-Presse - February 2, 2021

Jakarta – Indonesia has detained a British woman named in a list of global terror suspects and plans to deport her for visa violations, authorities told AFP.

Tazneen Miriam Sailar – a Manchester-born convert to Islam once married to a now-deceased Indonesian jihadist – is not charged with terror offences.

Tempo - February 2, 2021

Bisnis, Jakarta – Indonesian Vice President Ma'ruf Amin on Monday went on Youtube calling people to strictly adhere to the Java-Bali PPKM social restriction that the government has implemented for the past couple of weeks in hopes of suppressing the number of Covid-19 cases.

Agence France-Presse - February 2, 2021

Lhokseumawe – Scores of Rohingya women missing from a refugee camp in Indonesia have been trafficked into Malaysia to reunite with their husbands, several sources have told AFP.

Just over 100 refugees remain at the camp in Lhokseumawe on Indonesia's northern coast, well down from the almost 400 who arrived in separate boat landings between June and September last year.

The Conversation - February 2, 2021

Bimandra Djaafara, Fahrin Ramadan Andiwijaya, Fiona Verisqa, Ihsan Fadilah, Kartika Saraswati and Rizka Maulida – The Indonesian government policy to exclude the elderly (aged 60 years and above) in the first phase of the free COVID-19 vaccination program could hinder the vaccine's impact in lowering mortality rates.

Coconuts Jakarta - February 2, 2021

Indonesia is intensifying its COVID-19 mass vaccination efforts with plans to accelerate shipment of the CoronaVac vaccine into the country.

Jakarta Globe - February 2, 2021

Meleva Thorn, Jakarta – Indonesia has taken the path to electric vehicles since President Joko Widodo in late 2019 issued a decree detailing the timeline to achieve a certain amount of EVs as public transport means and private uses.

The Diplomat - February 2, 2021

Hipolitus Wangge – The Pacific region has been rising on the Indonesian diplomatic horizon for twenty years, yet it has rarely been a priority. Like other previous official comments, the statement issued by the Indonesian foreign minister on January 6 shows that the Pacific island countries will still be largely overlooked by Jakarta.

February 1, 2021

Coconuts Jakarta - February 1, 2021

Indonesia's House of Representatives (DPR) will review a number of policies including the collective leave days for Chinese New Year and Eid, after President Joko Widodo admitted that the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in Java and Bali aren't working.

Chinese New Year falls on Friday, Feb. 12, whereas Eid will fall sometime in mid-May.

Tempo - February 1, 2021

Anwar Siswadi, Bandung – Statistician from Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Yuyun Hidayat predicted that the number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia would continue to increase until mid-February 2021.

Presently, Indonesia's number of cases ranked fourth in Asia, under India, Turkey, and Iran.

Coconuts Jakarta - February 1, 2021

The central government's Enforcement of Restrictions on Public Activities (PPKM) partial lockdown protocol has not produced the desired outcomes, President Joko Widodo said, as he mulls the fate of the policy.

Jakarta Globe - February 1, 2021

Natasia Christy Wahyuni, Jakarta – Indonesia urges fellow Asean member state Myanmar to follow democratic principles, as defined in the bloc's charter, amid the ongoing military coup over election fraud claims.

Jakarta Globe - February 1, 2021

Elena Couper, Jakarta – The Indonesian palm oil industry, the biggest in the world, has suffered disruption during Covid-19. Although lockdown measures in export destinations have restricted the market, the demand for palm oil has increased domestically.

Coconuts Jakarta - February 1, 2021

Mob justice is sadly common in Indonesia, but a recent incident saw one of the most frail members of society being roughed up by a group of men after she was accused of stealing money.

Jakarta Globe - February 1, 2021

Herman, Arnoldus Kristianus, Jakarta – Inflation in Indonesia has slowed down to the lowest level in three months in January. Most of the inflationary pressures stemmed from the rising costs, instead of recovering demand from consumers, who remain wary of spending amid the worsening Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

Mongabay - February 1, 2021

Mongabay editor Philip Jacobson has been awarded the 2020 Oktovianus Pogau Award for Courage in Journalism. The award, announced Jan. 31, recognizes Jacobson's dedication to environmental reporting in Indonesia, work he has continued even after being imprisoned and deported by Indonesian authorities.

January 31, 2021

Deutsche Welle (DW) - January 31, 2021

Vidi Legowo-Zipperer – In Germany, a 101-year-old nursing home resident was the first person to receive a COVID vaccine. In the UK, it was a 90-year-old pensioner, and Canada's first recipient was 89.

In Indonesia, however, my 92-year-old grandmother will probably be last in line.

Jakarta Globe - January 31, 2021

Heru Andriyanto, Jakarta – January has become the deadliest month in the Indonesian coronavirus outbreak with 7,860 deaths, 51 percent higher than the previous monthly high recorded in December. The total death toll stands at 29,998 as of January 31.

Channel News Asia - January 31, 2021

Kiki Siregar, Jakarta – Heavy rain suddenly poured down when Ahmad Marzuki, an office boy in Jakarta, was on his way home from a late shift in April 2018.

He immediately ran to seek refuge and chanced upon a family of scavengers lying on the pavement, as a little baby cried. It was about 9pm.

Antara News - January 31, 2021

Muhsidin, Rahmad Nasution, Jayapura, Papua – Population in the Indonesian province of Papua currently reached 4.30 million, or rose by some 1.47 million, from that in 2010, according to Statistics Indonesia (BPS).

The Guardian - January 31, 2021

Rebecca Ratcliffe, Bangkok – An Indonesian family whose relatives died onboard the Sriwijaya Air flight that crashed into the Java Sea have filed legal action against Boeing, alleging that the aircraft was "defective and unreasonably dangerous".

January 30, 2021

Jakarta Globe - January 30, 2021

Jayanty Nada Shofa, Jakarta – The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry has joined forces with tech giant Grab to recover the pandemic-stricken tourism sector by ramping up health protocol compliance.

CNN Indonesia - January 30, 2021

Jakarta – The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) has accused sections of the oligarchy in government circles of being one of the causes of the series of natural disasters that have occurred around the country over the last few weeks.

Tempo - January 30, 2021

Jakarta – The government is insisting that the flooding in South Kalimantan was caused by extreme natural events. This ignores the massive change of function of upstream forests.

Amnesty International Press Release - January 30, 2021

Two men in the city of Banda Aceh in Indonesia's Aceh province were each flogged 77 times yesterday (28 January) for alleged consensual same-sex relations, said Amnesty International Indonesia.

The canings were reportedly carried out in front of a crowd of around 100 onlookers.

Asia Pacific Report - January 30, 2021

Pacific Media Watch – The Timorese Episcopal Conference has called on the entire Catholic community in Timor-Leste to accept and respect Pope Francis' decision to expel an American accused of child sexual abuse in the country from the priesthood, reports LUSA news agency.

January 29, 2021

Tempo - January 29, 2021

Antara, Jakarta – Jakarta Environment Department recorded a high number of medical wastes in the capital city during the Covid-19 pandemic, amounting to 12,785 tons in total.

The Guardian - January 29, 2021

Two gay men in Indonesia's Aceh province have been publicly caned 77 times each after they were reported to police by vigilantes who raided their apartment.

Human rights groups have condemned the spectacle, which was watched by dozens of people in the capital Banda Aceh, as brutal and medieval.

Jakarta Globe - January 29, 2021

Sienna Curnow, Jakarta – Communication remains at the heart of effective diplomacy. The inability for formal and informal diplomatic conversations to take place online has provided considerable challenges to international affairs.

The Diplomat - January 29, 2021

Leon Langdon – In December 2020, Benny Wenda told TIME Magazine, "I'm on a mission. I'll finish my mission and then I will rest." Wenda, an activist for Papuan independence, was declared president of the Provisional Government of West Papua in a statement released by the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) on December 1.

Jakarta Globe - January 29, 2021

Heru Andriyanto, Jakarta – Indonesia's recent dramatic spike in newly coronavirus cases and deaths is attributable to West Java, which now averages more cases than Jakarta and reports higher daily death toll than East Java.

Tempo - January 29, 2021

Egi Adyatama, Jakarta – Greenpeace Indonesia argued that the South Kalimantan floods in mid-January were caused by deforestation and severe forest degradation, refuting President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo's saying that it was due to extreme weather.