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November 4, 1997

Reuters - November 4, 1997

Jim Della-Giacoma, Jakarta – Indonesian President Suharto's half-brother Probosutedjo said he had kept his PT Bank Jakarta open on Tuesday, defying a government order closing down the institution along with 15 other sick banks.

Alliance of Independent Journalists - November 4, 1997 (posted by Tapol)

Jakarta – The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) said it welcomed Prosecutor Amrin Nain's call for the release of Dwi Sumaji alias Iwik, the accused in the case of the murder of Bernas journalist Fuad Moh. Syafruddin alias Udin. The prosecutor called for Udin's [should read Iwik - JB] release during the a court session at the Bantul regional court on Monday, 3 November.

Agence France Presse - November 4, 1997

Jakarta – The Indonesian armed forces are to send more officers abroad for training, especially to Britain and the United States, a report said here Tuesday.

Straits Times - November 4, 1997

Jakarta – Early this year, 31-year-old Bimo, who works in the private sector, and his wife decided to buy a house where they could raise their newborn daughter.

The couple was set to obtain a housing loan to buy a medium-sized house in Jakarta's suburbs. Their plan was going smoothly until August.

November 3, 1997

Wall Street Journal - November 3, 1997

Raphael Pura, Semarang – PT Bank Harapan Sentosa depositors who came to its big branch here Monday looking for what remains of their money were met by armed police rather than smiling tellers.

"You might as well all go home, we have no more announcements to make," a security officer of the bank told them through a bullhorn. "There's no need to be here."

Sydney Morning Herald - November 3, 1997

Louise Williams, Jakarta – The Soeharto Government has urged the public not to panic at the opening of business today after announcing the immediate liquidation of 16 non-performing Indonesian banks under an international economic rescue package worth up to $US40 billion ($57 billion).

Wall Street Journal - November 3, 1997

Indonesia announced a spate of measures to shore up its economy as conditions to receive more than $30 billion in aid from the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

Separately, Timor Putra removed President Suharto's son from his post at the Indonesian auto maker in a partial concession to calm concerns over the national car project.

Sydney Morning Herald - November 3, 1997

Louise Williams, Jakarta – The massive bailout package for Indonesia goes some way to addressing economic distortions such as nepotism, favouritism and politically connected monopolies, but analysts say they are awaiting further details as well as the reaction of stock and money markets when trading opens today.

Wall Street Journal - November 3, 1997

Richard Borsuk, Jakarta – Indonesian bankers braced for a tense day of business Monday following Saturday's closure of 16 banks.

November 1, 1997

Associated Press - November 1, 1997

Geoff Spencer, Jakarta – Indonesia shut down 16 insolvent banks and planned other austerity measures Saturday, a day after receiving word of $33 billion in foreign loans to revive an economy hit hard by financial declines across Asia.

Finance Minister Mar'ie Muhammad called for calm and stressed the government would reimburse depositors.

Jornal Timor Leste (Editorial) - November 1997

On 7 August, the District Council bestowed the title of Honorary Citizen of Brasilia on the Timorese Resistance leader, Xanana Gusmao. The Ambassador of East Timor in Angola, Dr. Roque Rodrigues, received the title on behalf of Xanana Gusmao.

DIGEST No. 44 - 1 November, 1997

For the first time, clandestine East Timorese fighters are building bombs. When one went off accidentally recently it introduced a new element into the East Timor problem and underscores the urgency of a resolution. The Indonesian Foreign Ministry says the explosives were intended to kill civilians in Dili indiscriminately.

Sydney Morning Herald - November 1, 1997

Louise Williams, Jakarta – For fifteen days Pak Waska has been ready: waiting under the vast, concrete highway overpass, his work bag packed, his shirt neat and clean, the thick fumes of the crawling traffic swirling around his face.

Business Times - 8 November, 1997

S N Vasuki, Jakarta – Private power firms, which are investing billions of dollars in new projects in Indonesia, are desperately trying to stall a government move to renegotiate power tariffs.

Sydney Morning Herald - November 1, 1997

Louise Williams, Jakarta – Indonesia announced last night that it had reached agreement with the International Monetary Fund on a rescue package for its ailing economy.

October 30, 1997

Sydney Morning Herald - October 30, 1997

The national car

Sydney Morning Herald - October 30, 1997

When President Soeharto built himself a modern office block in the late 1960s, it was known for a time as the KISS building, an abbreviation of words borrowed from English – koordinasi, integrasi, stabilisasi and sinkronisasi. It was not long, however, before Indonesians were saying KISS stood for "ke istana sendiri-sendiri" – "to the palace one by one".

Sydney Morning Herald - October 30, 1997

Tony Wright, Jakarta – The Prime Minister has told Indonesia's President Soeharto that Australia, in the spirit of "regional mateship", stands ready to dig deep as part of a major international rescue package for Indonesia's ailing economy.

Sydney Morning Herald - October 30, 1997

Chris Lydgate in Singapore and Louise Williams in Jakarta – The Indonesian President's comments that the Singapore Government had agreed to offer a $US10 billion ($14.2 billion) aid package to Jakarta, separate from ongoing negotiations over an International Monetary Fund rescue package, have caused shock and confusion among the region's economic analysts.

October 29, 1997

Dow Jones Newswires - October 29, 1997

Bernice Han, Singapore – Indonesia's National Logistics Agency (Bulog), the state-owned food price regulator, is seen targeted by the International Monetary Fund for reform, a senior agricultural specialist based in Jakarta told Dow Jones Tuesday.

MateBEAN - October 29, 1997 (Posted by the East Timor International Support Center)

Semarang – Fifteen East Timor students from the East Timor Students' Association (IMAPTI) of Semarang had met members of Commission A (dealing with defense and security issues) of the Central Java Regional Parliament. They questioned the MPs on the bad treatment felt by four East Timor youth arrested recently by security officers.

Indonesia Times - October 29, 1997

Jakarta – The government is necessary to stop isolating ethnic Chinese from political life, an expert said.

"It is not healthy for our political development as the isolation will invite broad public curiosity," Sayidiman Suryohadiprojo told a gathering here on Tuesday.

East Timor Human Rights Centre - 29 October, 1997

The East Timor Human Rights Centre (ETHRC) is concerned for the safety of up to eight East Timorese men still in detention in Semarang and Dili, for their alleged involvement in the manufacture and possession of home-made bombs (see UA 23/97 and UA 23/97PR).

October 28, 1997

Sydney Morning Herald - October 28, 1997

Louise Williams, Jakarta – The International Monetary Fund's rescue package for Indonesia is expected to be delayed until later this week after private talks reportedly stalled over politically sensitive issues such as the subsidised national car project.

South China Morning Post - October 28, 1997

Jenny Grant, Jakarta – Two East Timorese men could face the death penalty if found guilty of trying to topple the Government through terrorism.

Associated Press - October 28, 1997

Jakarta – Police and soldiers used sticks to break up anti-government protests by hundreds of students today in two cities.

Some students said they were protesting the planned re-nomination of Indonesia's President Suharto, who is likely to be re-elected unopposed to a seventh-consecutive term in March.

October 27, 1997

Reuters - October 27, 1997

K.T. Arasu, Jakarta – The effects of the El Nino-induced drought hitting Indonesia could worsen sharply in the coming months, causing disease and hunger in many parts of the country, experts say.

Miami Herald - October 27, 1997

Seth Mydans, Kuala Lumpur – Tigers and elephants are fleeing the burning jungles. Birds are falling from the murky skies. Schoolchildren are fainting at their desks. Ships are colliding at sea.

Businees Week - October 27, 1997

Michael Shari in Jakarta, with Joyce Barnathan in Hong Kong – The 60 Indonesian blue-chip company executives summoned to Bank Indonesia, the country's central bank, on Oct. 10 all had something in common.

Straits Times - October 27, 1997

Jakarta – The number of cities covered by the thick haze from rampant forest and bush fires nearly doubled yesterday, amid uncertainty over when the annual monsoon rains would arrive.

Meteorologists said the number of cities covered by the haze rose from 22 to 41 as at yesterday morning, while at least four airports shut down because of poor visibility.

October 26, 1997

Reuters - October 26, 1997

Chris Johnson, Singapore – Choking yellow-grey smog over Southeast Asia has already closed factories, cancelled flights and lengthened queues in doctors' waiting-rooms.

But much worse could be in store if the raging forest fires across Indonesia are not put out soon – and for good.

Straits Times - October 26, 1997

Jakarta – Outspoken Muslim scholar Amien Rais has suggested a national poll be held to determine whether the majority of Indonesians want President Suharto re-elected next year for a record seventh five-year term, the Jakarta Post reported yesterday.

Associated Press - October 26, 1997

Jakarta – The worst drought in half a century has devastated crop harvests by as much as 40 percent, the government said Friday. Officials had earlier warned of rice harvest failures in some drought-ravaged areas.

Reuters - October 26, 1997

Lewa Pardomuan, Jakarta – Thick smog from rampant forest and bush fires spread to more cities in Indonesia on Sunday while uncertainties over the start of the annual monsoon rains lingered, meteorologists said.

October 24, 1997

Australian Associated Press - October 24, 1997

Stephen Spencer, Canberra – The federal ALP has moved to dramatically recast major areas of its foreign policy, in what it frankly admits is a recognition that some areas, in particular Indonesia and land mines, could have been handled better in government.

October 23, 1997

Far Eastern Economic Review - October 23, 1997

John McBeth with Fanny Lioe in Jakarta – On October 10, two days after Indonesia announced it was going to seek the International Monetary Fund's help in salvaging its economy, Jakarta newspapers carried pictures of a smiling President Suharto playing golf with his industrialist friend, Muhammad "Bob" Hasan.

Reuters - October 23, 1997

Lewa Pardomuan, Jakarta – Indonesia's state-owned aircraft manufacturer Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara (IPTN) said on Thursday it had found counter-trade deals beneficial and denied the bartering option had been taken because of difficulty in selling its planes.

October 22, 1997

Australian Associated Press - October 22, 1997

Karen Polglaze, Jakarta – Indonesia's military has tried to link Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient Jose Ramos Horta with an alleged terrorist group.

Sydney Morning Herald - October 22, 1997

Louise Williams, Jakarta – The Indonesian Government has warned that forest fires and smoke haze are getting worse, and monsoon rains are expected to be further delayed, while another fatal haze-related shipping accident was reported in Kalimantan.

Australian Associated Press - October 22, 1997 (excerpts)

Karen Polglaze, Jakarta – East Timorese independence advocate and Nobel Peace laureate Jose Ramos Horta today rejected accusations by the Indonesian military that he was linked to a clandestine group accused of making bombs.

Sydney Morning Herald - October 22, 1997

Louise Williams, Jakarta – In a new effort to arrest the slide of the rupiah, Indonesia's Central Bank has announced that commercial banks may lend hundreds of millions of US dollars from their reserves.

October 21, 1997

East Timor Human Rights Centre - October 21, 1997

The East Timor Human Rights Centre (ETHRC) is concerned for the safety of Manuel Afonso and Lino Xavier Nunes who are currently in detention at POLRES (Regional Police Headquarters) in Dili, following their arrests in July and September 1997.

Agence France Presse - October 21, 1997 (abridged)

Canberra – Nobel peace laureate Jose Ramos Horta Tuesday accused the Australian government of covering up Indonesia's involvement in the deaths of five Australian journalists in East Timor 22 years ago.

Australia's 1996 investigation into the killings was seriously flawed, the leading East Timorese independence activist said, joining calls into a fresh inquiry.

The Scotsman - October 21, 1997

Trevor Royle – Traditionally Britain's foreign interests have been dominated by a mixture of strategic initiatives to protect national interests and direct action, as the Foreign Office puts it, "to promote Britain's interests overseas" and "to enhance the prosperity of the United Kingdom".

October 20, 1997

Reuters - October 20, 1997

Lewa Pardomuan, Jakarta – Military helicopters flew rice and noodles to famine-stricken areas in Indonesia's remote Irian Jaya province on Monday as government officials said food shortages had also spread to Sumatra island.

October 19, 1997

Agence France Presse - October 19, 1997

Sydney – The president of the Timorese Democratic Party (UDT) said here Sunday he was asked by the Indonesian military to kill Australian journalist Hamish McDonald in 1975.

McDonald is now foreign editor of The Sydney Morning Herald.

The Australian - October 18-19, 1997

Don Greenlees – The Federal Government is facing a political contest over human rights after a decision by the ALP to call for the first time for a "right of self-determination" for East Timor in its new foreign affairs policy.

October 18, 1997

The Globe and Mail - October 18, 1997

Jacqui Birchall, East Timor – The path of most despair - Site of death and oppression since 1975, East Timor had little to offer one intrepid traveller – except perhaps the satisfying knowledge that her very presence was a burr in the side of the authorities.

Sydney Morning Herald - October 18, 1997

With Indonesia's President Soeharto nominated by his Golkar party this week for a seventh five-year term, his unopposed re-election by a largely hand-picked assembly seems certain, barring ill-health. But as Herald correspondent Louise Williams reports from Jakarta, many opinion leaders are looking for more openness in the tightly controlled New Order political system.

Sydney Morning Herald - October 18, 1997

A report into the death of five Australia-based journalists at Balibo in East Timor 22 years ago will be examined today at a seminar at the University of NSW Law School. One man who knows just what happened at Balibo, writes Asia Editor David Jenkins, is Lieutenant-General Yunus Yosfiah, leader of the attacking force and now one of Indonesia's most influential generals.