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February 12, 2024

New Mandala - February 12, 2024

Eve Warburton, Edward Aspinall, Diego Fossati, Burhanuddin Muhtadi & Sally White – Most domestic and international commentary on Indonesia's 14 February elections has focused on the presidential race. But on the same day, Indonesians will also vote for legislators at district, provincial and national levels.

Krjogja.com - February 12, 2024

FX Harminanto, Sleman – Hundreds of students from a number of different universities gathered at the Gejayan intersection near the Gaja Mada University (UGM) in the Central Java city of Yogyakarta to participate in a Gejayan Calling (Gejayan Menanggil) action on Monday February 12.

Channel News Asia - February 12, 2024

Jalelah Abu Baker, Semarang, Indonesia – The busy port city of Semarang has the highest number of ethnic Chinese population in Central Java.

Having lived there for many generations, they proudly call themselves Indonesians.

Jakarta Post - February 12, 2024

Jakarta – Responding to reports of a scarcity of rice in the market, President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has ordered the National Food Agency (Bapanas) to release stock kept by the State Logistics Agency (Bulog) in a move that the President deemed as "flooding the market".

Jakarta Globe - February 12, 2024

Yustinus Paat, Jakarta – The General Election Commission (KPU) has released a list of certified survey institutions eligible to participate in the quick count process for the 2024 elections.

Straits Times - February 12, 2024

Hariz Baharudin, Jakarta – A new controversial documentary on the Indonesian election, released days before Polling Day, has drawn strong reactions, with front-runner candidate Prabowo Subianto's team calling it "slanderous" and a "hate narrative".

February 11, 2024

South China Morning Post - February 11, 2024

Resty Woro Yuniar, Indonesia – Indonesia's three presidential nominees spent a frenzied final day of campaigning with rallies in key election battlegrounds Jakarta and Central Java on Saturday, urging voters to head to the polls on Wednesday and monitor the count.

CNN Indonesia - February 11, 2024

Jakarta – The Indonesian Civil Society Coalition for International Human Rights Advocacy has called on the public not to vote for a presidential and vice presidential candidate pair who will perpetuate a political dynasty and damage ethics in the 2024 presidential election.

South China Morning Post - February 11, 2024

Indonesia (Bloomberg) – Days before Indonesians vote for their first new president in a decade, opinion polls favour an ex-general bent on continuing an economic strategy anchored on business ties to China while vowing to sustain a more neutral foreign policy stance between Washington and Beijing.

Tempo - February 11, 2024

Antara, Jakarta – Indonesian Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin is pushing for expediting the provision of the latest Tuberculosis (TB) vaccine through the 37th Stop TB Partnership (STP) Board Meeting in Brasilia, Brazil.

Asia News - February 11, 2024

Mathias Hariyadi, Jakarta – On the eve of the presidential and parliamentary vote in Indonesia – the most populous Muslim nation in the world – in a climate marked by protests over the "interventionism" of the outgoing leader Joko Widodo in favor of Prabowo Subianto, there is a small but significant change for Christians.

Jakarta Post - February 11, 2024

Jakarta (Agencies) – Defense Ministry has ditched a controversial plan to buy 733 million euros ($790 million) worth of Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets previously used by Qatar, the ministry spokesperson said late on Saturday.

Jakarta Globe - February 11, 2024

Heru Andriyanto, Jakarta – The presidential election in Indonesia entered a cooling-off period on Sunday, just three days ahead of the elections, following 75 days of intense campaign rallies and mandatory debates.

Channel News Asia - February 11, 2024

Aqil Haziq Mahmud, Jakarta – Official campaigning has ended, and a cooling-off period is in place from Sunday till Tuesday for voters to mull over their choices before polling on Wednesday (Feb 14) for Indonesia's next president and legislators.

Reuters - February 11, 2024

Jakarta – Two of Indonesia's three presidential contenders pledged to protect press freedom in the world's third-largest democracy at a weekend event that frontrunner Prabowo Subianto didn't attend.

Jakarta Globe - February 11, 2024

Yustinus Paat, Jakarta – The chairman of Prabowo Subianto's presidential campaign team on Sunday refuted accusations that he had ever predicted the candidate will serve for only two years if elected and will be replaced by his running mate Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

The Conversation - February 11, 2024

Tim Lindsey – Ambitious and mercurial, with a dark past, former army general Prabowo Subianto has spent a lifetime vying for the ultimate prize in Indonesian politics. Now, with a large lead in the latest polls ahead of this week's election, it looks as though the presidency is finally within his grasp. So, who is Prabowo and how will he change Indonesia if he wins?

Jakarta Post - February 11, 2024

Jakarta (Agencies) – Two of three presidential contenders pledged to protect press freedom in Indonesia at a weekend event that frontrunner Prabowo Subianto didn't attend.

Al Jazeera - February 11, 2024

Jessica Washington, Jakarta, Indonesia – On February 14, more than 204 million Indonesians will have the chance to vote for their new president.

Incumbent Joko Widodo is in his second and final term, and is constitutionally barred from seeking re-election.

Tempo - February 11, 2024

Antara, Jakarta – The two largest Islamic social organizations in Indonesia have expressed hope that the political situation ahead of the upcoming presidential election will remain conducive until its completion.

February 10, 2024

Tempo - February 10, 2024

Sultan Abdurrahman, Jakarta – Vice Presidential Candidate number one, Muhaimin Iskandar or Cak Imin, touched on the 'political dynasty' on the last campaign day of the 2024 General Elections. Anies-Muhaimin pair carried out their last grand campaign at Jakarta International Stadium (JIS), North Jakarta, on Saturday, February 10, 2024.

Associated Press - February 10, 2024

Niniek Karmini, Jakarta, Indonesia – With a broad smile on his face, Jakarta city council candidate Rian Ernest answers almost every question about his faith with the same line.

"I'm Christian, but my wife and children are Muslims, so pray for me to get the guidance," Ernest said.

Jakarta Globe - February 10, 2024

Jakarta – Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto expressed gratitude as he took the stage for his final presidential campaign at Bung Karno Stadium on Saturday, claiming that the crowd size exceeded the initial target of 200,000 by four times.

Kompas.com - February 10, 2024

Sabrina Asril, Jakarta – The Coalition of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) for Electoral Justice has released data on irregularities or violations committed by the state apparatus ahead of the 2024 elections.

Sydney Morning Herald - February 10, 2024

Zach Hope – More than 200 million Indonesians will vote next Wednesday. It will be the largest single-day election on earth, a colossally complex snarl of democracy spanning 6000 inhabited islands and requiring more workers than there are Queenslanders.

Jakarta Globe - February 10, 2024

Heru Andriyanto, Jakarta – Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto paused for a moment, allowing the crowd to roar as he welcomed his former wife, Siti Hediati Hariyadi, more popularly known as Titiek Soeharto, during the final campaign rally at Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta on Saturday.

Straits Times - February 10, 2024

Arlina Arshad, Hariz Baharudin, Linda Yulisman and Wahyudi Soeriaatmadja, Jakarta – In lively scenes which resembled mega music concerts, Indonesian presidential hopefuls danced, belted out punchy slogans, and pleaded for support at their last rallies on Feb 10, ending 75 days of campaigning ahead of the high-stakes polls on Feb 14.

Jakarta Globe - February 10, 2024

Jakarta – Presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo maintains confidence in winning the February 14 election during a massive rally in Semarang, Central Java on Saturday, which concluded the campaign season over the last 75 days.

BBC News - February 10, 2024

Jonathan Head – Budiman Sujatmiko has lost none of the passion that he used to show as one of the boldest student opponents of Suharto, the soft-spoken but ruthless dictator who ruled Indonesia for 32 years.

Jakarta Globe - February 10, 2024

Jakarta – Presidential candidate Anies Baswedan addressed thousands of supporters at the Jakarta International Stadium to reassert his reform agenda and anti-establishment rhetoric in his final campaign rally on Saturday.

The Intercept - February 10, 2024

Allan Nairn – Indonesia, the scene of two of the 20th century's epic slaughters, may be on the verge of a return to army rule at the hands of its most notorious general.

Gen. Prabowo Subianto, a longtime U.S. protege implicated in the country's massacres, once mused to me about becoming "a fascist dictator" and is now a serious threat to assume the presidency.

South China Morning Post - February 10, 2024

Resty Woro Yuniar – Indonesian President Joko Widodo has been a target of mounting criticisms from academics and students for his perceived lack of neutrality in the coming election, but observers say that the movement will do little to change the course of the election on February 14.

Hindustan Times - February 10, 2024

In politics, repetition is a crucial part of any campaign. But for Indonesian voters, who go to the polls to elect a new president on February 14th, one pledge is starting to sound a little too familiar. Candidates hoping to lead the world's third-largest democracy have now, for the better part of two decades, been vowing to raise the country's growth rate to 7%.

February 9, 2024

Jakarta Post Editorial - February 9, 2024

Jakarta – Jakarta and many other cities have been dressing up ahead of Chinese New Year, with dragons made of wood visible in office buildings, shopping malls, markets and other public venues as the festive mood sweeps across the predominantly Muslim but culturally diverse country.

Jakarta Globe - February 9, 2024

Jakarta – Vice presidential candidate Gibran recently reminded his supporters in North Sumatra to vote and not let their guard down despite leading in polls.

Hundreds of millions of Indonesians are set to cast their votes on Feb. 14. Past polls have shown that Prabowo and Gibran are in the lead as surveys showed they have booked over 50 percent of the respondents' votes.

Vanuatu Daily Post - February 9, 2024

Len Garae – A former Prime Minister (PM), Mr. Joe Natuman whose Government had funded the first arrival of West Papua delegates to unite under the umbrella of the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs, to give breath to the first ever United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) anywhere outside West Papua, has congratulated the Interim President of ULMWP, Mr.

Straits Times - February 9, 2024

Hariz Baharudin, Jakarta – A politically themed musical has Indonesians talking, just days before the country goes to the polls.

Polarisasi Musikal (Polarisation The Musical), an almost three-hour-long production, ran from Feb 2 to Feb 4 and was watched by more than 5,000 people over six shows. It had 16 original songs, dance numbers and set design as well.

Human Rights Watch News Release - February 9, 2024

Jakarta – Two of the three Indonesian presidential and vice presidential candidates responded to a questionnaire on key human rights issues facing people in Indonesia, Human Rights Watch said today.

Jakarta Post Editorial - February 9, 2024

Jakarta – President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo, in his final months in office, is dealing with one of the most difficult challenges of his tenure. While, for better or worse, people consider his major programs a done deal, the highly popular leader is now facing the test of gracefully letting go of power.

Kompas.com - February 9, 2024

Dani Prabowo, Jakarta – Activists and comic strip artists issued a declaration to safeguard democracy during a Democracy Fest event in Tebet, South Jakarta, on Thursday afternoon, February 8.

Agence France-Presse - February 9, 2024

Colombia – Misinformation and mudslinging is rife on Indonesian social media ahead of the February 2024 presidential election. In the latest case, footage of a Catholic procession in Venezuela has surfaced in posts that falsely claim it shows supporters of presidential hopeful Anies Baswedan in Papua New Guinea.

Fulcrum - February 9, 2024

Burhanuddin Muhtadi – Surveys prior to election day can reveal a lot but not everything, including whether Indonesia will know who its next president is by next week or in late June.

Reuters - February 9, 2024

Jakarta – A former Indonesian president and chief of the country's biggest party has advised ministers not to quit outgoing President Joko Widodo's Cabinet, amid media reports of possible resignations over his perceived meddling in the Feb 14 presidential election.

Voice of America (VOA) - February 9, 2024

Dave Grunebaum, Jakarta, Indonesia – Side stepping with spins on the stage, Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto looks his age of 72 as he dances, but the presidential candidate's social media posts have helped endear him to Indonesia's young voters. "He seems so friendly," said 19-year-old Putri Ayu Ramadianti on her way to a Prabowo campaign event.

Voice of America (VOA) - February 9, 2024

Dave Grunebaum, Jakarta, Indonesia – As Indonesians prepare to go the polls for the country's presidential election on Wednesday, the popular incumbent is coming under fire. Critics accuse President Joko Widodo, who can't run for reelection due to term limits, of undermining democracy to extend his legacy.

Mongabay - February 9, 2024

Basten Gokkon, Jakarta – The construction of Indonesia's new capital city on the island of Borneo may destabilize the current stable population of endangered proboscis monkeys, a study has warned.

Reuters - February 9, 2024

Jakarta – Mr Adrian graduated from an Indonesian auto mechanic trade school in 2023, but since then has only worked a few weeks in one job: serving fruit juice at a kiosk in downtown Jakarta.

Human Rights Monitor - February 9, 2024

On 1 February 2024, four students from Hitadipa were arrested in the Sugapa District on their way back home from Nabire to participate in the upcoming elections on 14 February 2024.

Human Rights Monitor - February 9, 2024

On 1 February 2024, the Jayapura District Court ruled on the case of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Chairman, Mr Agus Kosay, and KNPB Numbay Secretary, Mr Beni Murib, finding them guilty of incitement and the persecution of Mr Ones Kobak on 18 August 2023.

Reuters - February 9, 2024

Jakarta – Indonesian presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto is projected to pip the 50% threshold needed to win the Feb. 14 election in a single round, the latest opinion poll showed on Friday.