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Ahok's defense team accused of using black magic to influence blasphemy trial

Harian Terbit - February 3, 2017

Jakarta, HanTer – The defence team of blasphemy defendant Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok has been accused of using black magic to influence proceedings during their client's court hearings.

The indications of black magic can be seen from the several prosecution witnesses who have appeared unable to answer questions or who seemed to have gone blank when cross examined by Ahok's lawyers.

"There are indications of the use of magic. Because I saw a colleague who was a prosecution witness who went blank (couldn't think). Like Gus Joy who didn't even know where he went to school", said Syamsu Hilal, one of the people who reported Ahok for blasphemy, who was speaking at a public discussion with the theme "Should Ahok be Jailed" at the Muhammadiyah Central Board Proselytizing Building in Jakarta on Thursday February 2.

According to Hilal, this black magic has not just influenced witnesses who have been accused by Ahok's legal team of perjury, but have also influenced the judges and prosecutors. It is not surprising then that there were some judges and prosecutors who became sleepy during the blasphemy hearings.

"Among the rows of Ahok supporters there were indeed some who were mumbling. Because it was suspected that [black] magic was being used a friend called in an ahli rukyah [Islamic spiritual healer]", said Halal.

Three paranormals

Hilal related how an ahli rukyah (Islamic spiritual healer) named Ustadz Sahal (Islamic preacher) was brought in for the eighth hearing on Tuesday January 31. Based on the observations by rukyah Ustadz Sahal there were three paranormals being used by Ahok's legal team at the trial. Ustadz Sahal was even able to identify the positions of the three paranormals. "Only God knows this, yes. But there were paranormals and they had an influence", asserted Hilal.

The magical influence, added Hilal, was also acknowledge by the public prosecutor (JPU). At the time one of the prosecutors alleged that three of his colleagues suffered headaches. Hilal believes that although a lay person cannot directly see the influence of black magic it can be felt. "Magic can be utilised to influence a person psychologically or mentally", explained Hilal.

In order that they not be influenced by the manipulation of paranormals, explained Hilal, Ustadz Sahal will be present at the next hearing in order to safeguard the trial from black magic attacks.


Qurrota A'yun Psychology Consultant chairperson Dimas Cokro Pamungkas said that issue of magical practices certainly exists in all fields in Indonesia and the world of politics and the courts are no exception. Moreover many communities still very much believe in such things. However paranormals should not be used at Ahok's trial.

"I think that using a practitioner of magic in a trial is misplaced. Because that is a place where people gather evidence, present logic and competing arguments. It's better to prepare lawyers and other things that can support [a case] factually rather than engage ideas from the world of magic, the courts are the world of intelligent people in the sense of what is real", said Pamungkas.


The secretary of the Ahok-Djarot Saiful Hidayat election campaign team, Ace Hasan Sadjili has refuted the allegations that black magic was being used to influence the court hearings. Moreover he did not take the allegations seriously at all.

"Wow, what other accusations will they come up with. Such allegations are clearly something that has been fabricated", he said laughingly when contacted in Jakarta on Thursday February 2.

He said that they have never used methods such as that because, according Sadjili, such things are forbidden by religion. "We don't use methods such as that. We are presenting facts and legal evidence", he said. (Sammy/Safari)

[Translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service. The original title of the report was "Pengaruhi Saksi, Jaksa dan Hakim: Tim Ahok Diduga Gunakan Ilmu Hitam".]

Source: http://nasional.harianterbit.com/nasional/2017/02/03/76515/25/25/Pengaruhi-Saksi-Jaksa-dan-Hakim-Tim-Ahok-Diduga-Gunakan-Ilmu-Hitam.

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