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Indonesia lawmakers set to ban all LGBTI representation on television

Gay Star News - September 29, 2017

James Besanvalle Indonesia lawmakers will ban all LGBTI characters on TV, according to recent reports.

A draft copy of a bill before the country's parliament will seek to outlaw LGBTI 'behaviors' on screen. The House of Representatives approved the bill, which will prevent reporting on any gay issues.

This will affect television shows and advertisements, but also gag news and documentary programs from talking about anything LGBTI-related.

Supiadin Aries Saputra from the Nasdem Party said: 'We can't allow LGBT behaviour on TV.

'It is against our culture. We have to ban it early before it becomes a lifestyle. It's dangerous and can ruin the morality of the younger generation,' he said.

Speaking to the Jakarta Post, Hanafi Rais of the National Mandate Party added: 'I am sure there are still more creative ways to entertain people. They try to portray the negative image of transgender'

A filtering process will see programs, news and advertisements vetted for homosexual content.

Human rights activist Tunggal Pawestri told Gay Star News: 'There's a show and it's a kind of comedy they call it Opera Van Java.'

Pawestri said the format of the show allows a 'man who dresses like a woman' to partake in traditional Indonesian dance. She said the show will likely be canceled.

She elaborated: 'When they put transgender people on television, they only use it for mocking. They try to portray the negative image of transgender.'

Homosexuality is legal in Indonesia, but there is a huge anti-gay sentiment in the majority-Muslim country.

Earlier this year, two young men were arrested and caned 83 in Aceh for being gay and committing sodomy.

Police also raided 'gay parties' in Surabaya and Jakarta and then published the photos and names of some of the men before they were arrested.

Source: https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/indonesia-set-to-ban-all-lgbti-representation-on-television/.

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