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News reports translated from Indonesian language news sources.

Teachers association disaffiliates from KSPI after declaration of support for Prabowo
Akurat.co – May 5, 2018
The Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) executive board has declared that it is leaving the Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (KSPI).

Elite trade union electoral support doesn't reflect membership vote
Tirto.id – May 2, 2018
The song Hello Hello Bandung was played and sung along to by thousands of workers who packed into the Senayan Sports Arena in Central Jakarta as prospective presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto took to the stage alongside Indonesian Trade Union Confederation president Said Iqbal.

Will trade union electoral support empower workers, or make them a political tool?
BBC Indonesia – May 2, 2018
Prabowo Subianto has preempted President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo in embracing labour groups in the lead up to the 2019 presidential elections.

Trade union deal with Prabowo for cabinet post misplaced, vulgar
Liputan 6 – May 1, 2018
Greater Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra) chairperson Prabowo Subianto has gained the support of the Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (KSPI) as a candidate for the 2019 presidential elections.

Papuan students at May Day rally in Yogya call for independence
Java Post – May 1, 2018
The commemoration of Labour Day or May Day in the Central Java city of Yogyakarta was marked with a demonstration centred at the zero kilometre point in the centre of the city.

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-Latest News
Reformasi activists were burned, beaten, electrocuted – and they still fear for their country
South China Morning Post – May 20, 2018
Resty Woro Yuniar and Jeffrey Hutton – February 4, 1998, was a day that would change Desmond Junaidi Mahesa's life forever and he never saw it coming. The social justice activist had left his office to attend a gathering after the Muslim festival of Eid in Jakarta, but he never made it to the celebration.

Twenty years on, victims of 1998 Indonesia violence still seek justice
Reuters – May 20, 2018
For the past decade, Indonesian housewife Maria Sanu has joined a small group of protesters at a silent weekly vigil outside the presidential palace in Jakarta, seeking justice for her son who died during the political turmoil of 1998.

Homes in East Lombok attacked, Ahmadis take refuge at police HQ
Jakarta Post – May 20, 2018
It was in the middle of the day on Saturday when an unidentified mob destroyed several houses and attempted to expel the Ahmadiyah community from Grepek Tanak Eat hamlet in Greneng village, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Class struggle has always been a feature of recent Thai history
Ugly Truth Thailand – May 20, 2018
Given the recent discussions about the new "Future Forward Party", whose leading members seem to deny the existence of class struggle, it is worth taking a long term look at class struggle in the country.

Tommy Suharto: Indonesians 'longing' for a return to Suharto rule
Al Jazeera – May 19, 2018
The Suharto political dynasty is being revived in Indonesia. Twenty years after the fall of the country's notorious former President Muhammad Suharto, his youngest son is leading a new political party into next year's elections.

Is Indonesia's Reformasi a success, 20 years after Suharto?
South China Morning Post – May 19, 2018
Usman Said surveys the stainless steel plaques bearing the names of his fallen classmates at Trisakti University in Jakarta. Twenty years ago this week soldiers gunned them down amid escalating protests that within days would topple the dictator Suharto.

-Drunken Republic
Click to view imagesDrunken Republic

The lighter (or darker) side of Indonesian politics.

-Red Flag
Red Flag is the fortnightly newspaper of the Australian socialist organisation Socialist Alternative. More >>

-Statements & Press Releases
Indonesia: Terrorist attacks need immediate evaluation of Anti-Terror System
Asian Human Rights Commission Statement – May 14, 2018
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) strongly condemns the terrorist attacks and suicide bombings which occurred in several churches in Surabaya, East Java Province.

Abandon the fake trade unions, build an alternative political force
SEDAR – May 1, 2018
Today, we will again take to the streets and join the momentum of International Labour Day or May Day 2018. The history of May Day is rooted in the working classes' fight for an eight hour working day.

After 20 years of reformasi, we have yet to win genuine freedom, equality and prosperity
KOMITMEN May Day Statement – May 1, 2018
May 1 is symbolic of our struggle against the tyranny of capital and employers who oppress the working class. And today, we from KOMITMEN, the May 1 Committee for Freedom, Equality and Prosperity, along with the workers of the world are commemorating International Labour Day or May Day.

Joint declaration of the Indonesian People's Movement Conference
Arah Juang – April 29, 2018
On April 19-20, representatives from some 42 organisations gathered in Jakarta to take part in the People's Movement Conference (KGR).

Indonesia: Press freedom and journalists must be protected
Asian Human Rights Commission Statement – April 16, 2018
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) notes that press freedom and journalist protection in Indonesia is under serious threat. Despite the fact that the government commits to support press freedom, media and journalists have yet to fully enjoy such rights.

Indonesia: East Java High Court sentenced environmental activist to 10-month imprisonment
Asian Human Rights Commission Urgent Appeal – April 6, 2018
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information regarding the East Java High Court sentencing of Mr. Heri Budiawan, alias Budi Pego, an environmental activist, to 10-months imprisonment.

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News, in-depth reports and analysis focusing on political developments in the Asia Pacific region.

Indonesia: Democracy in Indonesia: A progress report
The Foreign Service Journal – May 1, 2018
With a population of more than 260 million and an economy that ranks tenth in the world, Indonesia appears destined to be one of the major international players of the 21st century.

Indonesia: Indonesian domestic helpers on sex abuse, slavery-like conditions they endure working overseas
The Star Online – April 8, 2018
Ernawati made great sacrifices for the well-being of her family. She was married at 14 to a man six years her senior and became the breadwinner two years later, when she first travelled to Saudi Arabia, to work as a domestic helper.

Indonesia: The Muslim Cyber Army: what is it and what does it want?
Indonesia at Melbourne – March 20, 2018
On 1 March, the Indonesian National Police announced the arrest of 14 members of the so-called Muslim Cyber Army (MCA) network for defamation, spreading hoax news and hate speech. Although the name might be familiar to most social media and internet users in Indonesia, it remains a nebulous and poorly understood network.

Indonesia: Indonesia's minority report
New Mandala – February 14, 2018
Late last month, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) issued its 2017 Democracy Index report. In what was a grim year worldwide for five broad categories of democratic indicators – electoral process and pluralism, functioning of government, political participation, democratic political culture, and civil liberties – the worst performing country was Indonesia.

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Max Lane’s Blog – Commentary and analysis on the history, contemporary politics and culture of Indonesian and its relationships with Australia and the world.

-Earlier this week
Max Lane on how not to get lost in translating Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Jakarta Globe – May 18, 2018
For a long time, before the mini-boom in Indonesian literature in translation started by the buzz over Eka Kurniawan's "Beauty Is a Wound," the only Indonesian novels in English translation you would see on the shelf when you go into a bookstore overseas were more than likely to be Pramoedya Ananta Toer's "Buru Quartet" novels.

Indonesia's grim new challenge: children carrying bombs
Sydney Morning Herald – May 18, 2018
On her mother's Facebook account, now deleted, a cherub-cheeked Famela Rizqita is leaning on a bench overlooking a lake.

Friends hug on social media to tackle homophobia
Jakarta Post – May 18, 2018
Netizens showed their support for Indonesia's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community in a "hugging" campaign to commemorate International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, which falls on Thursday, by sharing pictures with encouraging messages through social media.

'Reformasi' yet to bring justice for some
Jakarta Post – May 18, 2018
Twelve years have passed since Maria Catarina Sumarsih, 66, initiated the first Kamisan rally following the death of her son, Benardinus Realino Norma Irawan, also known as Wawan.

Greenpeace cuts ties with Indonesian paper firm linked to deforestation
Reuters – May 18, 2018
One of Indonesia's biggest businesses rejected criticism on Thursday (17/05) from Greenpeace, which pulled out of a landmark conservation pact this week after linking the conglomerate's subsidiaries to deforestation.

State-sponsored homophobia forces LGBT community to lay low
Jakarta Post – May 17, 2018
As the world is commemorating International Day Against Homophobia on May 17, Indonesian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people have been laying low in response to actions and statements from government officials over the past two years that could be perceived as state homophobia.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo urged to speed up outlawing of child marriages
ABC News – May 17, 2018
Indonesian President Joko Widodo is facing calls to speed up an end to child marriages as experts warn the situation has reached "emergency" point. The push comes amid reports that Indonesian girls as young as 14 are still getting married in the country.

Indonesian Military expected to play greater role in counterterrorism
Jakarta Post – May 17, 2018
Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko claimed that President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo had expressed his consent to bringing back to life the suspended military Joint Special Operations Command (Koopsusgab) tasked with countering terrorism.

Timor-Leste's forgotten female rebels
The Diplomat – May 16, 2018
Timor Leste headed to the polls on May 12 in its second general election in as many years, with the opposition coalition of parties led by the National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) claiming victory.

Indonesia hit by another attack after deadly suicide bombings
Agence France Presse – May 16, 2018
Four men were shot and killed as they staged an attack on a police headquarters that left one officer dead and two wounded, Indonesian authorities said Wednesday, after a wave of deadly suicide bombings claimed by the Islamic State group.

Anwar walks free from prison and into political limelight
Sydney Morning Herald – May 16, 2018
Anwar Ibrahim, the man who has been a symbol of hope for Malaysian anti-corruption and democracy campaigners for 20 years, walked free from custody on Wednesday and vowed to support newly elected Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

Is Indonesia's Widodo soft on security?
Asia Times – May 15, 2018
As answers slowly come to light about the families behind the terror attacks in Indonesia's second city of Surabaya and nearby Sidoarjo, questions are already being raised about President Joko Widodo's government's ability to prevent and protect against a new burst of Islamic terrorism to a degree not seen since the 2000s.

Indonesia attacks: Parents using their own children a worrying new trend, analysts say
ABC Radio Australia – May 15, 2018
If there is one thing that stands out about the attacks in Indonesia on Sunday and Monday it is that they were carried out by two families – two sets of parents, who together with their own children undertook suicide attacks on four targets.

Indonesia under pressure to pass anti-terror law after attacks
Bloomberg – May 14, 2018
A wave of deadly bombings in Indonesia has put the spotlight on lawmakers and anti-terrorism laws that give police enhanced powers to take preemptive action but which have languished in the parliament since 2016.

In Timor-Leste, a vote for certainty
Inside Story – May 14, 2018
After nearly ten months of political uncertainty, Saturday's parliamentary elections in Timor-Leste delivered a decisive result.

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