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Open letter to PM Tony Abbot – The Timor Sea Justice Campaign has launched an open letter to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot urging him to establish permanent maritime boundaries with East Timor in accordance with international law. Add your name to it here.
  • Legal marriage age contributes to mortality – Jakarta Post. April 17, 2014. The National Commission on Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan) called on the government to raise the legal minimum age for marriage from 16 to 18 years old for females.
  • Navy chief sacks commanding officer involved in Indonesian incursions – The Guardian. April 17, 2014. The chief of the Australian navy has sacked a senior commanding officer involved in one of the incursions into Indonesian waters.
  • Hard-liners to host anti-Shiite declaration, West Java governor to attend – Jakarta Globe. April 16, 2014. A hard-line Sunni Islamic group says it will host an anti-Shiite declaration in Bandung on Sunday, to be attended by the West Java governor, in the latest case of religious intolerance in the province.
  • Sharia offenders to be counseled, detained – Jakarta Post. April 16, 2014. The Aceh administration's approval of the Qanun Hukum Acara Jinayat bylaw authorizes sharia police in the province to detain any person suspected of violating sharia for a maximum of 20 days, if initial counseling of the offender proves ineffective.
  • Gorontalo officials told to join mass prayers to prevent adultery – Jakarta Post. April 16, 2014. Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie has issued a new policy requiring Muslim civil servants to hold mass prayers and attend Islamic religious lectures every Friday, in an effort to prevent infidelity and adultery among officials.
  • City targets couples making out in parks – Jakarta Post. April 16, 2014. The Parks and Cemeteries Agency intends to force lovebirds caught in compromising positions in public parks to get married. Agency head Nandar Sunandar urged park visitors to refrain from indecent behavior or they would be arrested and forced to marry.
  • Australian Tamil Congress dismisses terrorism allegations as 'baseless' – ABC Radio Australia. April 16, 2014. A Tamil community group in Australia is among more than a dozen international Tamil organisations labelled as "financers of terrorism" by the Sri Lankan Government.
  • Victims ask voters to look at presidential hopefuls' human rights record – Jakarta Post. April 15, 2014. An association of human rights abuse victims' families said it hoped voters would take presidential hopefuls' background of human rights violations into serious consideration before choosing their presidential candidate.
  • India court recognises transgender people as third gender – BBC News. April 15, 2014. India's Supreme Court has recognised transgender people as a third gender, in a landmark ruling.
  • Hiroshima survivors offer peace and hope for nuclear disarmament – Sydney Morning Herald. April 13, 2014. The two young brothers looked into the bright blue sky and waved happily at the shiny plane flying far above. Their sister, Emiko Okada, eight years old at the time, remembers an intense flash of light and her mother suddenly rushing into the yard to the children.
  • Nasdem announces PDI-P support, Golkar and PKB refuse – Jakarta Post. April 12, 2014. Media mogul Surya Paloh's Nasdem has announced that it has thrown its support behind Joko Widodo and the PDI-P, as Indonesia's political parties continue to hold talks to build alliances after last week's legislative election failed to produce a clear winner.
  • Jokowi shrugs off infighting – Jakarta Post. April 12, 2014. Unmoved by friction within his party, Jakarta Governor and Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) presidential candidate Joko "Jokowi" Widodo said it made no sense to look back, adding that he and his party needed to prepare for the future.
  • This is how Indonesia treats West Papuans – New Matilda. April 11, 2014. Wednesday 2 April marked a global day of action to call for the immediate and unconditional release of the 77 political prisoners. Protests were staged simultaneously in Melbourne, London, The Hague, Auckland, Wellington, Edinburgh and Jayapura.
  • One rule for our navy, another for Indonesian fishermen – The Guardian. April 11, 2014. The treatment inflicted on this Indonesian family highlights the hypocrisy currently on display by the Australian navy, which was recently made evident by the Senate inquiry report into breaches of Indonesian waters in the Timor Sea.
  • TNI vows to only hunt Papua insurgents, not civilians, says Moeldoko – Jakarta Post. April 11, 2014. Indonesian Military commander Gen. Moeldoko has given his assurances that his men will only pursue the armed group that fled across the border into PNG after being involved in a shootout with TNI soldiers at the Indonesia-PNG border a few days ago.
  • Infighting could ruin Jokowi's bid – Jakarta Post. April 11, 2014. Internal rifts within the PDI-P in the wake of the party's poorer-than-expected results in Wednesday's legislative election could jeopardize Jakarta Governor Joko "Jokowi" Widodo's chances in the July 9 presidential election.
  • Islamic parties bounce back in Muslim-majority Indonesia – Agence France Presse. April 11, 2014. Indonesia's Muslim parties enjoyed a surprise jump in support at legislative elections this week, but analysts put it more down to anger with a corrupt ruling party than the growing popularity of political Islam.
  • Philippine, United States reach agreement on new security deal – Reuters. April 11, 2014. The Philippines and the United States reached agreement on Friday on a new security accord allowing American military forces to share local bases for maritime and humanitarian operations, a senior Philippine defence officials said.
  • Cambodia sends 13 to prison for insurrection plot – Associated Press. April 11, 2014. Two years after the United States announced the normalization of diplomatic relations with Burma, optimism in Washington over the nation's embrace of democracy is waning and concern over the plight of minority Muslims is growing.
  • Lese majeste stifles debate and analysis of the crisis – Red Thai Socialist. April 10, 2014. The recent attempts to charge the red shirt local radio DJ "Kotee" under the lese majeste law for claiming in a VICE news documentary that a "higher force" was controlling Sutep's mob, goes to the heart of problems created by lese majeste.
  • 'The Indonesian system is used to destroy Papuans' – New Matilda. April 10, 2014. Two West Papuan students say they were kicked, called "monkeys" and struck with a cattle-prod style instrument by Indonesian police after being arrested at a rally for West Papuan political prisoners last Wednesday.
  • Indonesian parties jockey for position and influence – Jakarta Globe. April 10, 2014. With the election results more or less settled, political parties officials have embarked on their quest to cement alliances with other parties. For Widodo, nominated by the PDI-P and other political leaders, the fight is not over just yet as the presidential election looms.
  • Joko Widodo fails to ignite voters but takes a step closer to presidency – Sydney Morning Herald. April 10, 2014. Indonesia's most popular politician, Joko Widodo, has failed to propel his party to the heights expected of him in Wednesday's parliamentary election.
  • Election count suggests tougher ride for presidential hopeful Jokowi – Reuters. April 10, 2014. Indonesia's likely next leader may have a bumpier-than-expected route to the presidential palace after early counting in Wednesday's parliamentary vote suggested his party will have to cut a deal with other parties to get him there in a July poll.
  • Tackling yawning income gap in Indonesia – Jakarta Post. April 10, 2014. For the last 10 years, poverty reduction has been considered one of the most pertinent issues in Indonesia's development policies. This is in line with the commitment to fulfill the MDG to halve the number of people living on less than US$1 a day.
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